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COPPER will open on April 12th

There are a few appointments still available with our New stylist for Cuts, Blowdry's & Lashes.

To book - 07714375452


Those of you who have colour with us - including lashes & brows - will need to have a patch test.

These will be sent out to you and will cost  £15.00 

Please do keep your eye on FACEBOOK & this website for further updates, as information can change.....

Thank you for your 

patience & understanding.


There has been an increase in 

our running  costs 

As you will appreciate, this will mean your service will cost you more......

No colouring service is permissible 

without a Patch test.

Please be sure to carry out the test 3-5 days prior to your service.

Failure to do so will result in your appointment being cancelled and loss of your deposit/full payment.

Please text me if you have any concerns


You will notice a change in the way 

we structure our pricing 

The price you pay 

will be based on what service is required, 

the time taken, 

and will no longer be dependant on gender.

As we are an appointment only salon-

 we always allocate time 

according to the how long the service is likely to take.

 A man's haircut can easily take

 as long as a woman's 

 so let's keep things 

fair & square! 


COPPER would like to reassure you 

that we completed all of the necessary checks 

regarding your safety whilst visiting the salon.

We offer a one to one bespoke service, 

so as always,

you can relax and have our undivided attention,  

knowing you will not have your personal space compromised.

We do ask 

that you arrive on time - 

not early - and no more than 10 minutes late, 

as this will impact your treatment time.

You will be required to wear a face covering.

Feel free to bring along your phone/ipad for entertainment, as at present we are unable to provide magazines.


If you feel at all unwell, even if your symptoms seem mild 

Please be considerate, and cancel your appointment.

Thank You.



OLAPLEX is a luxury treatment /addition to your service.

Unless we are running a promotion, this is classed as an 'add-on',  and will be charged accordingly.

We will advise prior to your service if OLAPLEX is a necessary requirement to your service in order to maintain the integrity of your hair.

OLAPLEX - New addition coming soon! 

As you are aware, there is now a '0' in the range - this allows you to carry out an intensive treatment - similar to the original 'In-salon only' one - except that you can now do it at home, and follow it up with your No.3! 

There is soon to be an '8' added to the range - so watch this space!


The OLAPLEX 'Take-home' range now consists of No. 0.3,4,5,6 & 7

 so you can continue the good work at home!



This beautiful range of 'Skin care' Make-up not only looks good, it actually benefits your skin whilst you're wearing it!

 Highly pigmented, easy to apply,  with long lasting colour, is perfect for today's hectic lifestyles